To further prepare our runners for the new challenges of downhill running, Laughlin/Bullhead Half Marathon has partnered with KR Endurance out of Las Vegas, NV. “Running downhill uses a unique set of muscles.” says Coach Kristie Cranford, owner of KR Endurance. “Our team of coaches will be offering runners Virtual Coaching tips via the race’s social media pages to assist runners their training as well as offer savings on KR Endurance personal training programs and one-on-one training programs as well.”

This partnership will certainly contribute to making Laughlin/Bullhead a destination race for achieving Personal Records!

About KR Endurance:

KR_logoKR Endurance is a virtual endurance sport coaching company.  KR Endurance has athletes all over the globe.  Our coaches bring together collectively 11 years of coaching and too many years to count of racing experience ranging from general fitness to Ultra Marathon/Ironman distances and everything in between. In the creation stages of KR Endurance we decided fall leaves were the perfect representation of our coaching philosophy and athletes.  Mother nature puts on the biggest show when fall leaves are at their peak.  One leaf alone is amazing, but surrounded by others (a supportive team) they have an even bigger impact.  Like leaves, there are no two athletes alike; therefore they should not be trained alike.  Personal and individual training is our philosophy in order for our athletes to reach their peak.

For more information on KR Endurance feel free to contact any of our coaches at or email