Half Marathon Pacers

1:40 PACER

Josue Diaz

“There are no shortcuts in running, you get out what you put in.”

Josue started running in 2011 as a means to lose weight and get healthy. Since then he has lost over 60lbs and has run over 200 races ranging from 5k’s to full marathons and BQ’ing in his last two marathons.

Josue paced the Lexus LaceUp Palos Verdes Half Marathon 1:40 group in 2017

His Half Marathon personal record  is 1:21 which he achieved at the REVEL Canyon City Half in Azusa

2:30 PACER

Mario Diaz

“Run with Determination.”

Mario is in his late 60s and have been running for some time. He completed his first marathon in1998. Mario believes nutrition and staying active are the medicine for a healthy long life.

His half marathon personal record is 1:56 which he achieved at the Vendurance Ventura Half Marathon in 2014

3:30 PACER

Johanna Galvan

“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop” ~Confucius
Johanna has run 18 half marathon in the last 4 years. Her PR is 3:00 hours, most recently achieved at the Pasadena Half Marathon in 2018.

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