Those Dam Runners Club

Those Dam Runners is a loyalty club for those who love this Dam Race and have run or walked the event in two or more consecutive years.

Do the event two or more years in a row and you will be rewarded with discounts on registration and apparel and you will also receive a special award at the finish line festival.

After your second consecutive year you will receive this medal plate along with an Ace and a Two of Hearts.

Each year that you continue your streak you will add more cards to your hand until you complete your straight flush and move on to a new hand starting with the six of clubs. Complete three hands and become a Five Card Stud. Five Card Studs are inducted into the Run Laughlin Hall of Fame. Details are not yet final on the Hall of Fame but our hope is to dedicate a bench or other similar monument along the course with a plaque and the names of all of the Five Card Studs.

You can keep your streak alive by signing up for a live in person event or doing the virtual event. If you sign up and defer or transfer your registration, your streak will end as will your membership in the Those Dam Runners Club.