Results & Timing

Once again we are pleased to partner with Pacific Coast Race Timing (PCRT) and using an on-bib Chip Timing system featuring Chronotrack Technology. There will be a Results Station at the Post Race PARTY where results will be posted regularly as runners cross the finish line. 100% official results will also be posted on the website at and on our Facebook Page at and Twitter page at as soon as they are available.


Legacy Runners

We know that some of our participants may be in a high risk category or may be taking care of loved ones who are high risk for COVID-19 complications. We would not want our Legacy Runners to be penalized for missing the event if that is the responsible thing for you and your family so if you would like to defer your registration to 2021, you will not lose your legacy status. Please contact us to defer. There is no fee for deferrals this year but please contact us as by October 20th if you plan to defer.
Legacy Runners Banner

Barbara Padilla

Bill Snodgrass

Blanca Biller

Brandon Groshong

Brooke Rivers

Carolyn Chapparo

Chad Barnes

Chantele Neal

Crystal Heeg

Danae Marinelli

Dan Kuch

Daniel Diaz

Dennis Tucker

Doug Shimansky

Eric Heindl

Gabriel Rios

Gail Wicklund

George Saunders

Gwen Nakatani

Hanne Dolan

Hylie Barton

James Sullivan

Jason Beaty

Jeff Braun

Jenny Unterseh

Jeremy Howes

Jim Willis

Jordan Quinn

Kamber Chavez

Kathleen Scherger

Kerri Sandoval

Kevin McAlpin

Landa Miller

Laura Helland

Leo Sitton

Linda Babilo

Lisa Wolf

Lisa Wolf

Marilyn Leisur

Mary Frances Carrasco

Mary Potter

Matt Miller

Norm Lopez

Rick Baker

Ron Titus

Socorro Severson

Stacy Barnes

Steve Robles

Sylvia Rios

Tania Paddock

Tawnia Pett

Tiffany Leboda

Tijera Villareal

Tommy Chavez

Valerie Gabaldon

Wendy Beaty

William Unterseh

Yesenia Hernandez

Don’t mess up your streak! These Legacy Runners have not yet signed up for their sixth year!

Branch Brady

Cathryn Staple

Chris McDonald

Daria Kelley

Hayden Silk

Kari Verjil

Kathy O’Gara

Krystal Simpson

Nathan Gregier

Robert Robinson

Sarah Clark

William O’Gara

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